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Christina Valimaki

Christina Valimaki


About the author:

Christina Välimäki has been in the information industry since 2003. Starting with the business think tank and authorship center, the Accenture Institute for High Performance, she moved into B2B market research, earned a Harvard MBA, then joined the RELX Group.  Now the Elsevier Senior Director of Strategic Marketing for the Chemicals Industry, Ms. Välimäki works to transform the organization’s focus toward a market orientation growth strategy, including opportunity identification, product design, and go to market and communication strategy, targeting the critical innovation needs of chemical customers.

Posts by Christina Valimaki

Exploring a New Research Solution

Posted on May 19th, 2017 in Chemical R&D

It’s not unusual to get access to a research solution that you’ve never used before. Moving to a new company or academic institution might involve switching to new solutions. A company might take part in a trial of a product. Trade fair attendees sometimes get to play around with products during workshops or at providers’ stands. Continue reading “Exploring a New Research Solution” »

Running chemical R&D as a business

Posted on May 12th, 2017 in Chemical R&D


In some companies, the R&D team is not always wholly aligned with the business executives. This can arise from communication difficulties and conflicting priorities. To bridge this gap, the heads of R&D must learn to present their goals for innovation in the language of dollars and sense. Continue reading “Running chemical R&D as a business” »

China encourages more chemical R&D

Posted on May 12th, 2017 in Chemical R&D

China's chemical industry

Despite making strides in recent years, China still feels far behind developed countries in the world in terms of their overall capability and level of technology innovation. But how will the Chinese government turn from a big chemical country into a great chemical power? With R&D innovation as a key driver. Continue reading “China encourages more chemical R&D” »

How do you lower analytical lab costs?

Posted on May 11th, 2017 in Chemical R&D

A chemist at a global chemical company needed to create new materials for the company’s polymer platform. His challenge was to find and evaluate high performance, cost effective and biodegradable polymers within budget. He needed a way to sort and evaluate large numbers of materials quickly, efficiently and reliably. Continue reading “How do you lower analytical lab costs?” »

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