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Michael D. Brown

Michael D. Brown

President, StrategyMark Inc

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About the author:

Michael D. Brown is an industry expert in the specialty chemicals market, with business experience gained at leading Fortune 50 companies. He regularly consults with Wall Street analysts, hedge fund managers, chemical producers, members of the media and attorneys on specialty chemicals matters relating to business planning, strategy development, and competitive intelligence.

Posts by Michael D. Brown

Competent(cy) Innovation

Posted on April 14th, 2016 in Chemical R&D

The goal of innovation should not only be novelty and uniqueness, but to also to commercialize products (and companion products) that have long-term competitive advantage.  Sustained competitive advantage can make a good innovation a great innovation.  Continue reading “Competent(cy) Innovation” »

The Value of Propositions

Posted on March 29th, 2016 in New Materials & Applications

As mentioned in an earlier blog, brilliant innovation that misses the market commercially is a common mode of failure of new product launches in the chemical industry. Continue reading “The Value of Propositions” »

Innovation and Intelligence

Posted on February 25th, 2016 in Chemical R&D

Brilliant innovation of products that miss the market commercially is a common mode of failure of new product launches in the chemical industry.  New materials or chemicals that appear novel in the laboratory can fail once put in the hands of paying customers Continue reading “Innovation and Intelligence” »

M&Ms and Chemicals?

Posted on February 1st, 2016 in Chemical R&D

To be clear –this post is NOT about red dye #40 and artificial preservatives for chocolate candies.  Rather it is intended to pass along a few observations and comments on the state of marketing in the chemical industry. Continue reading “M&Ms and Chemicals?” »

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