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Regina Javier

Regina Javier

About the author:

Regina Javier has helped companies understand how and why people interact with digital applications and experiences for over 12 years. With a focus on delivering value through user experience and content, Regina has worked with senior leaders at industry-leading companies such as IBM, American Express, MasterCard, and RELX Group to bring technology products and digital customer journeys to market. After working for globally renowned marketing and technology agencies MRM/McCann, DDB Worldwide, and DigitasLBi, Regina joined Elsevier in 2010. Currently the Strategic Communications Director for Elsevier R&D Solutions, she is focused on creating value for research-intensive markets and regularly engages first-hand with the scientists, engineers, information managers, and R&D and manufacturing business leaders that Elsevier serves.

Posts by Regina Javier

Scientific Research & Closing the Innovation Gap

Posted on November 24th, 2015 in New Materials & Applications

As advanced technology makes “things” lighter, faster and stronger; it fits that customer demand should, at the same time, be that these new, shiny things be cheaper. So R&D and engineering teams find themselves challenged to bring new materials and applications while bringing commercial value to the customer and the manufacturer. How do they do this? Continue reading “Scientific Research & Closing the Innovation Gap” »

Computing + Experimentation = Faster, Better Solutions

Posted on November 10th, 2015 in New Materials & Applications

Supercomputing technologies and similar solutions have been fueling a rise in computing-based science and engineering for years. With the exponential increase of available research and technical data, the demand for solutions that take all that content and process it to add a layer of decision-support capabilities such as descriptive, semantic, comparative and predictive analytics is palpable in research-intensive markets. Continue reading “Computing + Experimentation = Faster, Better Solutions” »

1 in 3 Scientists and Engineers May Not Be Doing Their Best Work

Posted on October 29th, 2015 in Chemical R&D


In just about any company that develops or manufactures products, scientists and engineers are at the heart of creating what’s next, producing highly-skilled analyses and recommendations that can make or break that new product or process, maximize profits, and minimize EHS risks in production processes. Continue reading “1 in 3 Scientists and Engineers May Not Be Doing Their Best Work” »

The Unanswered Questions for R&D and Engineering Teams

Posted on October 29th, 2015 in New Materials & Applications

Advanced materials are revolutionizing how humans interact with each other and the planet. While the use of advanced materials offers a wide variety of potential benefits for the consumer, many companies in R&D intensive industries struggle to keep pace with accelerated market demands while maintaining profitability and EHS compliance. So, how do companies ensure that new concepts become commercial successes? Continue reading “The Unanswered Questions for R&D and Engineering Teams” »

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