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Sasha Gurke

Sasha Gurke

Engineering Technical Fellow, Elsevier

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About the author:

Sasha Gurke is an Engineering Fellow at Elsevier where he is involved in new product development and strategy and product management for Knovel. He was one of the co-founders of Knovel in 1999, having joined a predecessor company in 1996 as VP Product Development. In this position, Sasha has led the development of Knovel award-winning e-book library, focusing on product development, functional design, information architecture, search logic and production. Knovel was acquired by Elsevier in 2012.

Prior to Knovel, Sasha spent 15 years with Chemical Abstract Service/American Chemical Society in Product Development and Editorial.

Sasha is a trained Chemist and Process Engineer with years of industrial and lab experience. His major contribution to Knovel’s success was application of this experience in the development of information products for applied scientists and engineers.

Posts by Sasha Gurke

Common Pitfalls in Conversion of Units in Chemical Engineering Calculations

Posted on June 17th, 2016 in Chemical Manufacturing Excellence


Chemical engineers need to clearly understand units of measurement to be able to apply them in so-called pseudo-empirical equations correctly as well as to convert, express, document and communicate the units in correspondence, operating instructions and publications. Continue reading “Common Pitfalls in Conversion of Units in Chemical Engineering Calculations” »