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Dr. Sina Ebnesajjad

Dr. Sina Ebnesajjad

President at FluoroConsultants Group, LLC

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About the author:

Dr. Sina Ebnesajjad has spent over 30 years helping develop and bring new technologies and applications to the market. He has deep expertise in fluoropolymer technologies and applications, as well as experience working in product development, failure analysis, market development, international consulting, technical service and as an expert witness. Dr. Ebnesajjad has multiple degrees in chemical engineering, including a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tehran, and Master of Science and PhD degrees from the University of Michigan. After working for DuPont fluoropolymers for 24 years, he founded the FluoroConsultants Group in 2006 where he continues to work. Dr. Ebnesajjad holds 6 patents and is author/editor/co-author of over 15 technical and data books on fluoropolymers technologies and applications, surface preparation and adhesion of materials. He is also currently the series editor of Plastics Design Library (PDL), a unique publication series offering technology and applications handbooks, data books and practical guides tailored to the needs of practitioners who work in the industry.

Posts by Dr. Sina Ebnesajjad

Clean Energy: What about Nuclear Power Plants?

Posted on April 24th, 2017 in New Materials & Applications

Nuclear plant

Aerial View of Salem, NJ, Nuclear Power Plant (Source: Nuclear Street,

It has been nearly 75 years since the creation the world’s first artificial fission reactor by Enrico Fermi and his team.  Fermi’s reactor led to the development and construction of civilian nuclear power plants that supply electricity to the public in dozens of countries. Continue reading “Clean Energy: What about Nuclear Power Plants?” »

Chemical Warfare Agents Syria: poisonous fruits of chemistry

Posted on April 17th, 2017 in Chemical R&D

uses of chemical weapons

Historical Timeline of the uses of chemical weapons (Source: The Economist,

The recent events in Syria have brought chemical warfare agents (CWA) back into the limelight. The Timeline in the image above lists major uses of poisonous agents against humans in the last hundred years.  Continue reading “Chemical Warfare Agents Syria: poisonous fruits of chemistry” »

Chemicals in Arizona: nanoparticles in sunscreen creams

Posted on March 31st, 2017 in New Materials & Applications

Most of us do not think about sunscreen (sunblock) all of the year round except for when we go to the beach.  Aptly, questions about sunscreen occurred to me while vacationing in central Arizona in March 2017.  Although the spring had barely begun the sunlight was intense and hot. Continue reading “Chemicals in Arizona: nanoparticles in sunscreen creams” »

World Climate Report Card for 2016 – more warming and more pollution

Posted on March 27th, 2017 in Chemical R&D

global climate change

A map of the February 2016 land-ocean temperature index (LOTI) anomaly shows that most of North America and Siberia were much warmer than the 1951-1980 base period. Much of the rest of Asia was also relatively warm*.

Reading fiction can be quite enjoyable.  Generations have been reading Jules Vern, H. G. Wells, C. S. Lewis, J. K. Rowling and others.  Fiction contains elements that are not realistic such as talking animals, magical powers and fictitious laws or theories of science set in other worldly environments.  Continue reading “World Climate Report Card for 2016 – more warming and more pollution” »

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