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Avoiding Corrosion-Related Failures by Choosing the Right Materials

Posted on October 30th, 2017 by in Chemical Manufacturing Excellence


With most metals and materials, corrosion is likely to happen eventually. Structures, and equipment are all going to experience degradation at some point and need to be either repaired or replaced entirely. This is a reality that all industries grapple with, and it affects both private business and public life. Corrosion is also a particularly costly problem, often to the tune of millions and billions of dollars in maintenance costs, unscheduled shutdowns, fines and more.

But information is power. When an engineer is armed with the right amount of knowledge about the materials being considered for a building project, and understands their vulnerabilities and how long they are likely to last, it is possible for corrosion-related failures to be prevented. The corrosion itself cannot always be prevented entirely, but it can at least be possible to know how to predict when and where it might occur.

Part of the current problem in prevention is simply a failure to learn lessons from past failures and, perhaps even more so, a lack of information sharing across industries. For instance, engineers in oil and gas may have figured out through bitter experience that certain metals are inadequate for certain purposes, but engineers in the chemicals business may not yet be widely aware of that hard-earned knowledge.

In the webinar “Effective Material Selection to Prevent Corrosion,” engineerdiscusses this situation and shares his thoughts on how to overcome it. He goes into detail on how to select materials, how to know if materials of interest are corrosion-resistant, what precautions to take after making a material selection and more. In addition, you’ll learn how data and insights can be used more effectively to make the right material selection choices using Knovel, our engineering information solution.

Watch the webinar now.

For more information on corrosion visit our dedicated landing page.


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