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Creating a Revolution in Green & Sustainable Chemistry

Posted on September 11th, 2017 by in Chemical Manufacturing Excellence


For decades, it has seemed as though the pressure of the sustainability movement has existed outside of the industry, that it has been the province of activists fighting against corporate policies and regulatory bodies trying to nudge companies towards “greener” practices. But it now appears that we are passing the tipping point where the industry is going from defensive to proactive. Seeing the real business benefits – not to mention the environmental necessity – has convinced many companies that fully embracing sustainability is the right course.

And yet, most companies are struggling to make the most out of their “sustainability” or “green” strategies. A McKinsey study found that a mere 1 in 10 executives surveyed across several industries believe they are actually capturing all the value possible from their sustainability efforts. The problem may be that many organizations are still not completely sold on the business value of environmental responsibility, failing to treat it with the same importance as product performance or cost. Rather, in many cases company efforts to make product lines “greener” has been in direct response to increasing regulatory scrutiny on chemicals or chemical production. So while sustainability is being taken more seriously, it is still often viewed as a niche area – not central to the core of the business.

A new ebook titled “Green & Sustainable Chemistry: From remedial to enterprising” argues that the chemicals industry can play a critical role in taking green and sustainable chemistry from niche to mainstream markets. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that the industry has the resources to drive impactful chemical innovations that are implementable and businesses stand to greatly benefit from meeting the demands of the next-generation consumers who value social accountability.

The chemicals industry is certainly well-positioned to make great strides in offering sustainable products and processes – but will it? The ebook identifies a number of problem areas that are tripping up businesses and, most importantly, also outlines how the industry can address these challenges in order to ultimately help bring about the green & sustainable chemistry “revolution.”

Download the ebook now to learn more: E-book: Green & Sustainable Chemistry: From remedial to enterprising.

All opinions shared in this post are the author’s own.

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