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Data Can Help Drive Clean Infrastructure—But It’s Not Enough

Posted on February 22nd, 2018 by in Chemical Manufacturing Excellence


There is a reason that infrastructure is the word on everyone’s lips these days—because it intersects with so many other issues that society is dealing with in the 21st century. From the horrors of train crashes and bridge collapses to the climate change crisis and natural disasters, crumbling and outdated infrastructure is failing us in many different ways. Cities are feeling an especially acute amount of pressure to fix these problems, considering that more than half of the world’s people are living in these relatively small yet densely populated areas.

And, yet, despite the widespread acceptance that cities, in the US in particular, are in dire need of updated infrastructure, there is a lot of inertia when it comes to actually committing to investment in infrastructure. A constant reticence about domestic spending, along with a lack of long-term vision, contributes in some ways to this failure to put the funds forward to begin large new infrastructure projects. Continuing to procrastinate in dealing with the issue will only lead to more deadly consequences—and could be potentially catastrophic for the health of a planet that needs us to fully embrace sustainability. But what are the resources needed and tactics to ameliorate this problem?

Find out more about how cities are becoming the “battleground for clean growth” in this article by Jim McClelland, recently published in a supplement in The Times. In it, he discusses the potential that technology and data analytics have for creating sustainable infrastructure, while also emphasizing that data and tech aren’t enough without policy and processes driving them.

Read the article.


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