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Getting Proactive About Green Manufacturing

Posted on April 29th, 2016 by in Chemical Manufacturing Excellence

green chemical manufacturing

“Greening” the manufacturing process is increasingly less of an option and more of an imperative for chemical companies that want to succeed in today’s market climate. For example, changes to the TSCA are requiring a reexamination of supply chains and perhaps tens of thousands of chemicals that are on the market will be affected.

Transitioning to greener chemicals and practices is a difficult task, but has obvious pay offs in the long run – both monetarily (fewer fines for failing to meet regulations) and by reducing the risk of hazards and accidents in the manufacturing plants.

As the new article “On Spec, on Time and Green: Ideas for Integrating Green Chemicals into Manufacturing Processes” from Elsevier R&D Solutions highlights, there are also other big picture advantages to going green. For instance, avoiding costs and volatility associated with petroleum based chemicals and achieving more favorable relationships with the public based on proving commitment to sustainability and green practices. The bottom line is that manufacturing leaders who take a proactive approach to responding to increasing regulations now will be able to avoid future delays as R&D and manufacturing staff struggle to find chemical substitutes on the fly.

Read the article to get more ideas about the topic.

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