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Knovel-Wiley Partnership Empowers Engineers to Navigate Chemical Manufacturing Challenges

Posted on August 1st, 2017 by in Chemical Manufacturing Excellence



In an increasingly complex chemical manufacturing environment, engineers have to be ready to anticipate an array of potential problems, mitigate risks and perform vital materials characterization on a regular basis. What’s more, they often must be able to do these things very quickly, at a moment’s notice. There’s no question that the operational responsibilities that chemical engineers take on are serious and demanding, especially since they often connect directly to important health and safety issues.

Certainly one of the most critical aspects of a chemical engineer’s job is to ensure that all industrial materials are handled safely, a task that requires the complete understanding of the toxicity and properties of those materials. Having this knowledge top of mind allows chemical engineers and safety professionals to respond immediately to problems that arise in the chemical manufacturing process. It also enables them to accurately document materials and processes when performing health and safety reviews, and to anticipate how to best handle materials when introducing a new product or new feedstock into the manufacturing process.

In order to perform to their own highest standards, engineers need to have a full view of the technical details, properties, restrictions, and codes related to the handling and processing of industrial chemistries. This information is simply vital for ensuring the compliant, safe and continuous operation of chemicals production – being able to keep operations running smoothly and limiting costly production down-time is critically important to any business. Which is why engineers want to be able to stay well-informed, with access to all the most reliable technical information available.

Knovel has been proud to serve engineers in this capacity, making itself a trusted resource that is easily accessible to its users as they take on these difficult challenges. With tables, graphs, smart search and various interactive features, Knovel helps chemical companies reduce plant and manufacturing costs and mitigate EHS risks with plant designs and systems by providing manufacturing and engineering staff access to design change examples, materials property data, operational best practice insights and more. Knovel users count on it to help them locate relevant toxicity and handling data, chemicals properties and other types of data needed to make crucial decisions in the chemicals manufacturing process.

And now Knovel is becoming an even more powerful tool because of a new collaboration with Wiley, which means we are adding a wealth of incredible content that includes hundreds of technical literature titles, including volumes that are considered indispensable to many working engineers. Among them are:

Sax’s Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials – Covering over 28,000 substances, and including important data like molecular weight, Sax’s hazard rating, boiling point and flashing point, this authoritative text is a must-have for anyone needing to evaluate hazardous substances used in the industry.

Patty’s Toxicology – Full of cutting edge information, this title helps engineers evaluate the hazards and substances used in the industry, from chemical agents to industrial hygiene.

Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry – This benchmark reference in chemistry and chemical & life science engineering details the science and technology in all areas of industrial chemistry.

Knovel takes these highly-valued titles and supercharges them by offering features that make data discovery more efficient for chemical engineers who need to save time—and what engineer doesn’t need to save time? The fact is that chemical engineers are always under pressure to reduce risks and optimize production while making decisions as fast as possible. Knovel has been designed to be the go-to information tool to help engineers carry out these responsibilities, and now it is better than ever with the addition of Wiley’s rich content.

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