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Coating Polymer for Extreme Conditions

Posted on May 12th, 2016 by in Chemical R&D

Offshore Jack Up Drilling Rig Towards The Helideck

Off-shore oil rigs are in constant need of re-coating due to the corrosive effects of the salty sea. It’s a significant problem, but one that chemicals innovation is uniquely positioned to resolve. All it takes is the dedication to get to Alpha.

Welcome to our Alpha Moment series, a collection of stories from industry (past and present), showcasing the innovative materials, processes and applications that have propelled business forward.

So when an adhesives company wanted to make its entry into the oil and gas market with a new anti-corrosive coating, they first had to figure out how to make their formula cost-effective.

Discover their #AlphaMoment in this great chemistry innovation story, and learn:

  • How a team of chemists invented a new polymer
  • How they used a sophisticated information solution to help them get relevant results quickly
  • About the incredible cost savings that came with the team’s discovery

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