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One Company, Multiple Information Solutions

Posted on September 12th, 2017 by in Chemical R&D

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The amount of data and scientific literature out there is multiplying by the day. For a researcher seeking needed information, the question is rarely, “Is it available?” but rather “Will I actually be able to find it?” Fortunately, increasingly sophisticated information tools are helping these researchers find what they’re looking for, providing a depth and breadth of knowledge that can prove useful to everyone from a lab scientist to a plant manager.

In a new video about how one specialty chemicals and performance materials company relies on multiple solutions, a dual case study is presented. We learn that two of Elsevier’s R&D Solutions—Reaxys and ScienceDirect—are able to help professionals in completely different parts of the business as they work to solve their own unique challenges.

One company researcher needed to develop organic colorants that could get to market very quickly while still keeping production costs low (no easy task!). She turned to Reaxys to find the detailed reactions and insight that she required. Meanwhile, in another part of the company, an environmental manager had to find a way to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions due to an agreement with the EPA. ScienceDirect was able to help her find the answers she needed in the scientific literature.

In both cases, the solutions did what they do best—save both time and money. In the first case, those savings were immediately felt by the R&D organization, as Reaxys helped the researcher get to a cost-effective solution in a short amount of time. In the second case, the savings were preemptive, as failure to meet EHS standards could result in extremely costly fines or even million-dollar shutdowns.

Watch the video now to learn more about how one chemicals company benefitted from multiple information solutions.


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