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Elsevier’s Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference in Berlin

Posted on March 30th, 2016 by in Chemical R&D


Elsevier recently announced the top 5 final proposals for the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge, launched in collaboration with the University of LĂĽneburg (Germany) to encourage innovative approaches in the field of Green and Sustainable Chemistry in developing countries. Having contributed to the review process of a large set of the 495 proposals that we received, I’m excited to see so many academics and corporate researchers who are choosing to explore an area with such a high potential for improving the environmental and lifestyle standards in these countries.

All of the proposals were reviewed against the challenge criteria by an advisory group of internal and external specialists in Green and Sustainable Chemistry. The top 61 Proposals were selected by an expert panel of external judges and announced last November. These candidates were given the opportunity to refine and elaborate on their proposals before selection of the top 5 finalists, who have received complimentary access to Reaxys and to a custom Knovel subscription package until the end of the Challenge. Reaxys is the Elsevier chemistry database which combines experimental chemical data and literature with powerful search interfaces, providing rapid access to facts. Knovel is an Elsevier engineering decision-support solution that enables engineers to answer technical questions, drawing upon trusted data from more than 120 providers through a cloud-based platform featuring powerful search and interactive analytical tools. The finalists have also been invited to present their proposals at the new Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference, chaired by Prof. KĂĽmmerer and held in Berlin April 4 – 6, 2016, where the winners of the Challenge will be announced. The winning project will receive a single payment of €50,000 and the second finalist a single payment of €25,000.

The field of Green and Sustainable Chemistry has developed to help us understand, monitor, and limit the changes to our world caused by varying levels of chemicals in the environment. As the human population continues to grow exponentially, so does the demand for food, manufactured goods, fuel, and access to clean water strain the planet’s resources. Green and Sustainable Chemistry focuses on methods to reduce waste and to use energy and resources to their fullest potentials, and is currently the fastest-growing field among manuscripts submitted to chemistry journals. The Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference is a major event organized by Elsevier and supported by Sustainable Chemistry & Pharmacy, an inter- and trans-disciplinary journal publishing innovative research on topics of chemistry and pharmacy that have a link to sustainability.

The conference will bring together a distinguished selection of keynote speakers, authorities, and international researchers from academia and major companies to communicate and share the latest developments in the field. While other meetings are focused mainly on specific topics like synthesis, a unique aspect of this conference will be its broad scope, addressing the many diverse sub-fields in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, from resources (e.g., renewable energies, mineral resources, non-fossil sources for organic molecules), to processes (e.g., synthesis and solvents, catalysis and engineering), green and sustainable products, new business models, legislation, economics, including my Monday April 4th session interview with Paul Hodges, and ethics.

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