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How can you improve your chemistry search?

Posted on October 13th, 2016 by in Chemical R&D

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Fast and fun chemistry search for all

Last week the ChemSearch Challenge opened for registration. Now running for a second year, the Challenge connects chemists across the world with a fun and stimulating online contest that encourages friendly competition in research, education and industry.

Opening with the first chemistry question the week of October 17th 2016, participants have the opportunity to take part alongside their colleagues as a team, as well as inviting their peers to join in and defeat their existing scores.

While friendly competition and connecting with the chemistry community is a benefit of the ChemSearch Challenge it also addresses the significant issue of information overload that researchers face.

Overcoming the sea of information

Being a Chemist in today’s society is a daunting experience. Chemistry accomplishments have made rapid advancements and that trajectory looks to continue on an ever growing scale. Global scientific output is increasing at an exponential rate and evaluating the authenticity, validity and reliability of that research is an ongoing challenge.

It is often difficult for the scientists to find research answers quickly and accurately. In a survey of over 470 Reaxys users including chemists, chemistry researchers, faculty and students, not having the time to read an increasing amount of chemistry information was their biggest concern.

As chemistry research output continues to surge, chemists need a solution that can keep up. Last year, Elsevier’s ChemSearch Challenge demonstrated that Reaxys, a high-quality chemistry research solution, was twice as fast as the leading competitor in providing users with accurate chemistry answers.

Launching an improved chemistry search engine

Following rigorous, live customer beta testing and listening to the requirements of chemists, Reaxys’ next release is preparing to launch this month. Ensuring the speed and accuracy of the product keeps pace with the evolving needs of researchers is central to the latest update. Researchers of all levels will be able to use the new Reaxys in the most advantageous way. Pathing an even quicker route to relevant chemistry literature, experimental data and procedures.

This year, ChemSearch Challenge participants will all have access to the new product to answer the series of chemistry questions on a weekly basis over an eight week period. The challenge sets which were created by Reaxys Prize Club members highlight just how important chemistry research is to everyday life.

Get your game on!

It is imperative chemists have the tools needed to contend with the volume of content available however many chemists are still using tools that take them hours to search data. We are proud to offer you the opportunity to test the new Reaxys via the ChemSearch Challenge, and by setting a high standard of search solution we are putting the pressure on other providers to improve and drive scientific standards forward.

Pre-register to play now. Each week the winning team and individual will be announced and Elsevier will donate $200 to charity in the winner’s name. All chemists are welcome & prove to your peers just how fast and accurate your chemistry search can be.


All opinions shared in this post are the author’s own.

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