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The New Knovel is Live!

Posted on October 18th, 2017 by in Chemical R&D

New Knovel blog

I was excited to tell you about the redesigned Knovel platform last week, and how it will help engineers save time, address health and safety risks in manufacturing, and operate more efficiently and effectively. The new Knovel is now live, and I encourage you to learn about the many ways it can help you accelerate your productivity without compromising operational excellence. Today, I’d like to share more about two Knovel platform upgrades: improved materials property searches capabilities, and the Knovel Data Analytics Beta.

Better discovery of chemicals and materials property information

Engineers are constantly looking for critical data points for process models and for making material and chemical selection decisions. The Materials Property Search capability, which has long been a cornerstone of the Knovel experience, has been improved so that it’s more focused than ever before, enabling engineers to surface even more property and chemical interaction information from technical references and materials databases. Users are still able to filter material classes and properties, but the redesigned navigation makes it easier to find relevant properties data through a click-and-drag interface, and you can then toggle quickly to an equation or technical reference section so the property can be applied.

Through Knovel, engineers are able to spend less time finding the data so they can concentrate on applying the data. They can focus on comparing materials of construction for processes that use highly corrosive compounds, or assess chemical-to-chemical or chemical-to-material interactions when trying to scale up a new product. And, since engineering design is inherently an iterative process, you’ll have more opportunities to put this information to work and then quickly iterate, saving time and money in the process (pun intended).

Knovel Data Analytics and interactive tables and graphs provide the fastest path to essential answers

The new Knovel platform also includes a new BETA search feature – Knovel Data Analytics.  Knovel Data Analytics, built on a scientifically organized material taxonomy, makes it easy for engineers to find and visually compare experimental properties data for more than 27,000 compounds at launch. Similar to the Material Property Search capabilities, Knovel Data Analytics enables users to search for properties and chemical names or classes – but now also enables the filtering by Materials Class, so engineers can quickly zero-in on the data they need. Interactive data visualizations allow users to modify conditions (e.g. temperature, pressure) on the fly, and even compare multiple materials and multiple properties side-by-side. We are confident that this data will make it easier for engineers working in the chemicals industry to more quickly and safely design and optimize processes (especially those processes that include chemicals with dynamic properties), respond to process or manufacturing upsets, and choose the right materials of construction for machinery design.

Welcome to the new Knovel

I encourage you to watch a short video and learn more about the new and improved capabilities of Knovel – as well as the many other ways Knovel will help you save time, address health and safety risks in manufacturing, and operate more efficiently and effectively.


All opinions shared in this post are the author’s own.

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