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The Ingredients Of Innovation

Posted on October 27th, 2015 by in Chemical R&D


“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”
Steve Jobs

Chris Walker discusses how we can innovate innovation:

Innovation is a wonderful thing. It’s the prize so many of us aim for. But how is it done? What are the ingredients of innovation. Here are five for you to mull over.

Old – Despite what many seem to think, innovation is born out of an understanding of what already exists and what has gone before. You could easily argue that Apple, who are widely regarded as one of the most innovative companies on the planet, are in fact not very innovative at all. You could say they are experts in taking tiny steps with old technology.

New – But innovation definitely demands something new. More often than not, innovation comes from looking at an old problem in a new way. This helmet is a perfect example. Take an old problem and look at it through a new lens – usually a lens that only becomes possible with advancements in technology. That’s where innovation is found.

Collaboration – More so than ever before, teamwork and collaboration are crucial to the success of innovative products and ideas. No person on their own can be an expert at all things, so bouncing ideas between team members and drawing in the right people at the right time can really make the difference in getting an idea off the ground.

Solitude – According to the pros, the most creative ideas are not born out of collaborative get-togethers. They’re born out of the quiet and stillness of time spend alone. Innovation demands solitude. Carve out some creative time to get those ideas flowing.

Systems – Although a little counter-intuitive, innovation isn’t the result of a spark of genius or magic moment. It’s the product of a honed process and system. There’s a reason some people always manage to be innovative. They look at the world in a particular way and have developed a system to think of and try out new ideas quickly. Don’t leave it to chance – build a process for generating and testing innovative ideas.

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