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Scientific Research & Closing the Innovation Gap

Posted on November 24th, 2015 by in New Materials & Applications


As advanced technology¬†makes¬†“things” lighter, faster and stronger; it fits that customer demand should, at the same time, be that these new, shiny things be cheaper. So R&D and engineering teams find themselves challenged to bring new materials and applications while bringing commercial value to the customer and the manufacturer. How do they do this? Bridging the gap between scientific research and R&D manufacturing processes is a critical step to achieving step change or innovation. And, that¬†starts with understanding what’s been done and building¬†¬†on that knowledge to create innovative and commercially viable products.

Scientific research plays a key role in bringing new products to markets Рallowing scientists to stand on the shoulders of others. And as part of a centralized R&D resource strategy, scientific literature offers increased focus on applied materials research and related funding, better informed and connected teams, and access to emerging materials and concepts. In this video titled, Closing the Innovation Gap, watch experts explain why they depend on scientific research to save time and help them discover new products and applications.


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