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In Search of an Efficient Olefin-Paraffin Separation

Posted on December 15th, 2016 by in New Materials & Applications



For 13 years, the ICIS Innovation Awards has been recognizing companies that make major industry breakthroughs, but this year ICIS expanded its scope to include individual winners, the Alpha Innovators of the Year. One of those winners was Sudip Majumdar, Chief Technical Officer of Compact Membrane Systems, the company that won both Best Innovation by an SME and the top honor for the Best Innovation of the Year in 2016. It was thanks to Majumdar’s expertise in membrane technology that he was able to shepherd the creation of an energy-efficient process for separating olefins and paraffins – a major achievement!

The chemicals industry relies heavily on the separation of olefins and paraffins, which is crucial for the production of a number of materials, from rubber to nylon. Unfortunately, the long-standing process for creating this separation has been one that comes at a substantial cost, in terms of both money and energy. That’s why Majumdar’s work is so notable. Under his guidance, Compact Membrane Systems produced an amorphous fluoropolymer membrane that separates olefins and paraffins, and manages to stay stable in the process.

Majumdar’s colleagues have praised him for his indispensable role in developing this innovation, explaining that his deep knowledge of how membranes work allowed him to reinvent production processes so that they could keep improving performance. He was key in everything from project coordination and team management to quickly identifying both potential challenges and creative solutions.

This groundbreaking technology has been a long time coming, and will definitely be a great boost to the petrochemicals sector, providing tremendous value and energy efficiency. For his essential role in its development, we congratulate Sudip Majumdar for being recognized by ICIS’ panel of innovation industry experts as a true Alpha Innovator of the Year.

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