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The Unanswered Questions for R&D and Engineering Teams

Posted on October 29th, 2015 by in New Materials & Applications


Advanced materials are revolutionizing how humans interact with each other and the planet. While the use of advanced materials offers a wide variety of potential benefits for the consumer, many companies in R&D intensive industries struggle to keep pace with accelerated market demands while maintaining profitability and EHS compliance. So, how do companies ensure that new concepts become commercial successes?The Elsevier e-book, Advanced Materials and Applications: Tacking New R&D and Engineering Challenges, presents compelling insights on the things to consider when tackling challenges in R&D and engineering initiatives that involve advance materials and applications.

Removing operational and developmental roadblocks is critical. As companies begin planning for their new concept or application, some key questions may still remain unanswered:

  1. How can researchers, scientists and engineers uncover the data they need to innovate and problem-solve quickly and efficiently?
  2. How will companies ensure that their new product or application is commercially viable?
  3. How can business leaders ensure that they are tackling the transition of new materials or applications from concept to manufacturing effectively, to meet customer, production and profitability goals?

The answers to these questions start by fueling innovation with insights and data that are made accessible, discoverable and usable for R&D and engineering teams globally. This puts customer value into focus by effectively integrating market needs throughout the development process, and harnessing the right combination of in-house and external R&D and engineering experts.

Read more about this topic in Elsevier’s e-book, Advanced Materials and Applications: Tackling New R&D and Engineering Challenges.

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