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Think Higher for Viable Solar: Geosynchronous

Posted on March 22nd, 2017 by in New Materials & Applications

space-based solar

By ExplainingTheFuture [Content on YouTube], via YouTube

As good stewards to our environment, we owe it to current and future generations to minimize our impact on the planet supporting all life. Has our choice of a terrestrial platform for solar power generation however, doomed us to inevitable failure of a nonviable approach? Continue reading “Think Higher for Viable Solar: Geosynchronous” »

Big News in 3D Printing – Literally

Posted on August 31st, 2016 by in New Materials & Applications


Image is a composite of “Guinness World Record” by NicolasPazVal99, used under CC BY and “ORNL-Boeing trim tool” by ORNL. Image is licensed under CC BY by Ken Klapproth.

It’s not often that the term “biggest ever” can be used non-hyperbolically, but researchers at ORNL have earned this right as conferred by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™. Continue reading “Big News in 3D Printing – Literally” »