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Ken Klapproth

Ken Klapproth

Maker, Inventor & Mechanical Engineer

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About the author:

A lifelong maker, Ken Klapproth has always been fascinated with how things work and the process by which they are made.   Ken has an extensive career in developing and marketing information solutions to commercial success in the engineering market for large and small companies including Elsevier, IHS, Invention Machine Corporation, Entuity, Proficiency, and SDRC.  Starting his career as a Mechanical Engineer for Pratt & Whitney, Ken helped designing the commercial gas turbine engines found under the wing on many of today’s modern aircraft including the Boeing 777.  In his spare time, Ken is an avid woodworker, photography enthusiast, and runner.

Posts by Ken Klapproth

Rapid and Additive, But Forging?

Posted on June 21st, 2017 in New Materials & Applications


Image by Ann Mills via Ann Mills Photography

Forging is not typically a term associated with 3D printing processes so was surprising to see when French 3D printing company Prodways recently announced its new technology. While the process does involve metal deposition, can it legitimately be classified as ‘forging’ if a hammer or press is never involved? Continue reading “Rapid and Additive, But Forging?” »

‘Spectacles’ Achieve Record Solar Panel Output for Startup

Posted on June 14th, 2017 in New Materials & Applications

Insolight Optical Array

Image by EPFL/Alain Herzog [crop of original] via EPFL

When it comes to photovoltaic cells – converting sunlight into electricity – size does matter. But by thinking functionally, a recent startup out of École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) proves double the output is even achievable with smaller surface areas. Continue reading “‘Spectacles’ Achieve Record Solar Panel Output for Startup” »

GE Patents Have a Novel Ear for Validating 3D Printing Quality

Posted on June 7th, 2017 in New Materials & Applications

Airbus conventional versus additive part

Image by Airbus via

3D printing may have revolutionized part design and manufacture, but uses a deposition process sensitive to consistent material delivery. By ‘listening’ to parts during the additive manufacturing cycle, engineers at GE have devised a new method of assuring parts are free from defects and voids which could cause premature failure. Continue reading “GE Patents Have a Novel Ear for Validating 3D Printing Quality” »

DARPA Gives ‘Thumbs Up’ to Boeing’s Phantom Express

Posted on May 31st, 2017 in New Materials & Applications

Phantom Express Artist Concept

Phantom Express Concept by Boeing [cropped from original] via

DARPA’s Experimental Spaceplane (XS-1) steps closer to realization with the Agency selecting the Boeing Company as partner. A new class of reusable hypersonic aircraft, success of the Phantom Express will require advancements in both technical capabilities and ground operations. Continue reading “DARPA Gives ‘Thumbs Up’ to Boeing’s Phantom Express” »

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