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3D Printing Offers Advantages to Companies and Consumers

Posted on November 30th, 2017 by in Chemical Manufacturing Excellence


It looks like manufacturing is coming back to the United States, but not in the way you might think. Although it felt like a futuristic novelty only a few years ago, 3D printing has exploded as a viable way to make products in all shapes, sizes and materials. This is opening up opportunities for more manufacturing facilities stateside that utilize 3D printing techniques to produce goods. It also has the advantage of making it easier for new businesses to get started because there isn’t as much money needed to buy expensive machinery. Labor costs are also lower.

3D printing also has significant advantages for consumers. For instance, it allows for easier customization to meet the consumers’ needs and specifications. Customers that place a high value on environmentally-friendly products will also appreciate that additive manufacturing can reduce the carbon footprint of an item. The reason for this is because global shipping accounts for a substantial slice of worldwide emissions. While 3D printing companies do still typically ship raw materials overseas, raw materials do not take up as much space as finished goods, lessening the environmental impact.

Read this article to learn more about how 3D printing is poised to boost American manufacturing, and why additive manufacturers need access to high-quality information to help them keep pace with this innovative, evolving technology.

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