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Alpha Moments: Celebrating Chemical R&D and Manufacturing Innovations

Posted on April 11th, 2016 by in Chemical Manufacturing Excellence


The term ‘Alpha’ has many meanings. It can be the first letter in the Greek alphabet, a socially dominant male animal, or even concepts in software development, physics and chemistry.

But ‘Alpha’ can also refer to: Leaders, something of great significance and value, the beginning of a new series or iteration, and interestingly, investment returns that are attributable to a portfolio manager’s own skill rather than market performance. Learning from our customers in the chemical industry, I’ve come to learn that these latter concepts all speak to the unrelenting drive for commercial results that the chemical industry’s R&D and manufacturing leaders, chemists, and engineers possess.

Inspired by this relentless spirit of innovation and optimization, our team at Elsevier R&D Solutions has today launched a new initiative that engages industry stakeholders about the importance of empowering chemists, engineers and other innovators to ‘Get to Alpha’ (see the video below)

‘Get to Alpha’ is essentially a celebratory campaign about the power of perseverance, knowledge and skill when creating and commercializing the best solutions in the chemical industry.The program includes an ‘Alpha Moments’ story library, which shares historical and contemporary stories of chemical R&D and manufacturing success, and Elsevier sponsoring the 13th annual ICIS Innovation Awards, which recognizes achievements in innovative chemical products and processes and pioneering approaches to business, the environment and sustainability, including a newAlpha Innovator of the Year category that will recognize individuals for exceptional leadership and expertise in pushing critical innovations to the market.Together, let’s celebrate those who are achieving commercial success through innovation while also paving the way for us to pass on a better Earth to future generations. If you work in the chemical industry, I encourage you to not only check out the Alpha Moments library but also learn more and submit your award nominations to for Alpha Innovator of the Year.

All opinions shared in this post are the author’s own.

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