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5 Steps to Greater Sustainability in the Chemical Industry

Posted on June 4th, 2018 by in Chemical R&D


Green chemistry has become a multi-billion dollar industry. To keep up with safety needs, consumer demand, regulations and a greater global movement towards sustainability, the chemical industry has been increasing its innovative efforts in this area.

And yet, to many people, “green chemistry” sounds like a contradiction in terms. Despite the industry’s focus on adopting alternatives that are safer and more environmentally-friendly, much of the public still sees chemicals as toxic and dangerous. This presents a challenge for chemical companies and organizations that are eager to help educate consumers about advances in green chemistry, but haven’t yet figured out how to break through negative perceptions.

The 2nd Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference that took place in Berlin last year provided professionals in the field an excellent opportunity to discuss challenges like these. In a panel of industry leaders that included people from major chemical companies like Dow, DuPont, Merck and Covestro, the participants discussed and debated their own approaches to green chemistry, and articulated their belief that the industry has more to do in both creating and promoting sustainable chemistry.

The panelists all agreed on the importance of the following five principles for inspiring a more sustainable chemical industry:

* Green chemistry needs to anticipate the problems it aims to solve

* Green chemistry should not aim to justify negative perceptions of other elements of chemistry

* Break down the green chemistry silo

* Involve the circular economy into the product life cycle

* Inform the public and demonstrate the value of safe, sustainable chemistry

You can learn more about what can be done to help make these principles a reality in the Sustainable Brands article “Why Sustainability Is the Future of the Chemical Industry.”

Read it here.



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