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Digital Age Engineering

Posted on November 3rd, 2016 by in Chemical R&D

Digital engineering

The introduction of digital technology has transformed the way that people in many industries work today. But engineers have perhaps been affected more than most workers. Once practically chained to their desks, often poring over journals and technical documents in solitude, engineers can now access important information on the go and utilize modern technology to collaborate closely with colleagues around the world.

But, as the emerging “digital 4.0” trend brings us another step forward in the digital revolution, engineers need more than information databases and smart searches – they require sophisticated decision support solutions that help them work with confidence. Busy engineers working to design the “smart” structures of the 21st century need (and often need fast) resources such as trusted technical data, personalized results, customizable tools and web-based applications for sharing.

To learn more about both the challenges and needs of digital-age engineers, read Ella Balagula, SVP, engineering & technology solutions’ article here.

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