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Epoxy Resin for the Commercial Market

Posted on July 28th, 2016 by in Chemical R&D


Before running headlong into a new project, smart research scientists know that they need to be asking themselves some probing questions about the nature of what they want to do – and why they want to do it. They also need to engage in some pre-research, gathering relevant knowledge that will help them understand whether or not pursuing the project is a wise use of their time. This requires both forethought and helpful information resources.

For Michael Moses, a principal researcher at a large specialty chemical firm, he knew he wanted to take epoxy resins and apply their use into areas where they hadn’t yet performed successfully. Before getting started in the lab, though, he had questions to resolve. He wanted to make certain that his idea actually had a solid application. And he needed to know if there were input materials out there that met his guidelines for manufacturing and performance.

Take a look at this Alpha Moment in Industry to discover how Moses used the Knovel database to uncover the information that he needed to proceed with the project, and how it assisted him in making his product more competitive in the market.

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