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4 Ways to Leverage Academia For Innovation

Posted on March 8th, 2016 by in New Materials & Applications

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Much of the foundational support that furthers innovation down the line stems from academic research. With industry organizations pressured to continually seek new materials and applications to better meet customer needs, some of the most competitively positioned companies are those that are able to establish channels and processes that allow R&D and engineering teams to tap into ideas and insights from academic experts.

The benefits of collaborating with universities and colleges are plentiful. From exclusive commercial rights and opportunities to work directly with experts to preserving limited resources and ease of access to research, mining academic institutions for R&D support is both practical and in the long-term, potentially critical for business growth.

Here’s a simple chart from our recent white paper on “Breakthrough Materials and Applications: Lessons and Innovation Pathways for Industry”, which summarizes 4 ways companies can leverage academia for innovation:


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